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Water Shoes: Helpful Protectors or Overkill?

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Water Shoes: Helpful Protectors or Overkill?

School is out for the summer and it’s time to start making plans for the long break. Pools, beaches, and water parks are always at the top of the kids’ list to stay cool and have fun. As you get the swimming suits and towels around, do you really need to make sure that your kids have water shoes? We think so. Here’s what you need to know.

Protecting Little Feet

Whether you’re at a public pool or spending the day on the beach, hot surfaces, rocks, and even broken glass are always going to be a hazard. Water shoes with thick soles will make sure your kids can manage the terrain with ease, especially when wading through shallow water or walking along the beach.

Extra Traction

Another benefit of wearing a shoe with a proper sole is the added traction that is provided. From wet sidewalks to slippery pool bottoms, having a good grip means fewer slips and falls. If your main activity is the local pool, a slip-on pair of water shoes might be sufficient, but running through sprinklers in the yard or trekking through streams on a camping trip will require a more sturdy variety.

Plenty of Comfort

If the idea of slogging around in wet shoes isn’t appealing, remember that water shoes are specifically designed to go from water to dry surfaces with ease. The materials used will drain water quickly and soles will dry out fast so you’re not tracking water everywhere you go. Water shoes are also designed with warm temperatures in mind so the light, breathable fabrics will keep feet cool in the hot sun.

Choosing the Right Water Shoes

The key to finding a pair of water shoes that’s right for you is to first think about what your main summer activities are, keeping in mind any upcoming trips and vacations. Sturdy water shoes are good for hiking, swimming in natural areas, fishing, boating and kayaking, and other activities where you’ll be trekking through water and dry areas with unpredictable surfaces. You want to find a pair that laces up or has hook-and-loop closures to ensure a good fit for all-day wear.

If you stay closer to home during the summer months, then you’ll want to find a pair of water shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to put on so your kids will be more likely to put them on and leave them on. Slip-on water shoes are perfect for the neighborhood pool where you know the sidewalks and walkways are free from broken glass and debris, and you just need a little protection from hot or slippery surfaces.

Free Fitting

A good fit that lasts all summer is essential. Stop in to Big ‘n Little Shoes for a free fitting from one of our professionals. We know that kids’ feet grow fast, and that round little feet can be tricky to fit. We’ll make sure you leave with the pair of water shoes that will keep your little ones going all summer long.

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