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Company Spotlight: Plae

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Company Spotlight: Plae

Designed uniquely for kids feet using the best science in the business, Plae shoes are durable, flexible, and customizable. Each shoe is designed from scratch to support active feet as they climb, jump, run, and play--not just walk in straight lines.

Plae believes kids need to be active, and that their shoes need to stand up to the daily punishment that kids can dole out. Plus, kids should be able to express themselves with their footwear so the ability to create a unique look gives kids a bit of freedom.

Plus, tossing shoes in a washing machine is essential! Parents shouldn’t feel burdened by giving their kids the best. Instead, it should be simple, easy, and fun so families can get on with living and having fun.

Happy Feet For a Lifetime

Your feet have only one opportunity to grow correctly. Plae shoes are engineered to follow the natural and unique contour of children’s feet. As little feet are not fully formed and developed, bones and cartilage need room to grow. Interchangeable tabs also allow for a variety of foot shapes so narrow, wide, and thick feet can be comfortably accommodated.

Kids also need to be able to feel the ground beneath them to develop proper movement, balance, and growth. Plae shoes are designed with dynamic traction with the same high standards for shock absorption and durable toe guards as athletes need, but with the movement of kids in mind. Plus, moisture-wicking technology keeps feet dry and washable, anti-microbial inserts keep shoes and feet smelling fresh.

The result is happy, healthy feet to last a lifetime.

Good for the Earth

Plae is committed to reducing their carbon footprint as the company maintains a strong belief that kids deserve healthy families and pristine playgrounds. Every shoe is created in a factory that is designed to reduce energy consumption by using solar energy and materials that are recycled, responsible, and non-toxic.

Even the packing materials are 100 percent recyclable paper and use soy-based ink, and a glue-less design so boxes and other packing materials are easy to break down.

Plae it Forward

Launched in February of 2017, the Plae it Forward program brings together efforts to support organizations like Make-A-Wish, Baby2Baby, and the San Francisco Firefighter Toy Program. It’s also a way for Plae to partner with everyday customers to support local charities.

All you have to do is submit an application to have your local charity considered. Once it’s approved, you’ll be given a unique checkout code for anyone to use when shopping on Plae’s website. Up to 10 percent of new sales using that code will be donated to that organization.

See Our Fall Lineup!

We carry a complete line of Plae shoes for toddlers and little kids. Stop in today to see what’s new for fall, and to receive a professional fitting to be sure you get the shoe that’s just right for the littlest feet in your family.

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