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Company Profile: KEEN (We Know You <3 Them as Much as We Do!)

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Company Profile: KEEN (We Know You <3 Them as Much as We Do!)
Every year, we look forward to the new lineup of KEEN sandals because they have been a customer favorite for years. Aside from the amazing shoes, have you ever wondered about the company behind the shoe? Here’s a look at one of our top brands.

How KEEN Began

Founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst, the first KEEN shoes were developed to deliver an open sandal that provided protection for toes. Sailing and outdoor enthusiasts were quick to pick up on the rugged design and superior foot protection that KEEN provides, and the company quickly grew. Now offering a variety of footwear that includes winter styles, bags, and socks, the success of the company has led to some innovative community involvement and support projects. 


KEEN had only been in business for one year when the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake hit the Indian Ocean. The resulting tsunami devastated coastal countries including Malaysia, Myanmar, Somalia, and Thailand. More than a half-million people were injured, and more than a quarter-million are missing or dead. 
The response from KEEN was instant: the company transformed from a “smart business” to a “business with conscience,” a shift that would set the stage for future projects. In 2004, it meant taking the entire advertising budget for the year and directing it toward relief projects for tsunami victims. 
It did not stop there. Since then, KEEN has partnered with non-profit organizations from around the globe to make lives better and protect the environment. Along with global organizations, KEEN also wants to work with local initiatives in communities around the world through the KEEN Effect.

The KEEN Effect

Dedicated to assisting nonprofit organizations around the world with a passion for protecting outdoor places, the KEEN Effect has been helping to safeguard geographic landmarks, fund cycling initiatives, and promote sustainability projects around the world. 
The Live Monumental project is another KEEN directive that seeks to protect 3 million acres of spectacular outdoor spaces across America. In total, KEEN has directed more than $7 million in cash and resources to environmental and humanitarian efforts around the world. When you purchase KEEN products, you can feel great knowing how hard your dollars will continue working for years to come.

American Built

KEEN offers one of the most modern factories in the US and is committed to bringing footwear manufacturing back to America. While some materials must still be sourced from around the globe, there are more than 20 styles in production in the Portland factory, and that number is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. KEEN is proud to support the American economy and to provide American products that we are proud to carry in our store.

Stop In and See

Whether you are new to KEEN or have been loving their sandals for years, we’re ready with this year’s lineup! Stop in and see for yourself what all the buzz is about, and feel good knowing you’re supporting such an amazing company!

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