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When Shoe Storage Becomes a Storage War

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When Shoe Storage Becomes a Storage War

Winter boots, indoor athletic shoes, ballet flats, soccer cleats, and maybe even a pair of slippers. As much as we love having the right shoe for every occasion, storage and organization can become a serious challenge! Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few creative ways to keep your kids’ shoes tidy and together.

Step 1: Separation

The first step to keeping your kids’ shoes organized is to sort them out by activity and season. There’s no reason not to have summer sandals packed away in December and heavy boots in long-term storage in July. The fewer pairs you have to manage, the easier it will be.

Next, figure out which shoes need to be quickly accessible on a daily basis, and which are reserved for special activities. Rather than keeping these shoes with the general population, keep them with the rest of the equipment for the activity. For example, soccer cleats can be kept in the gym bag with the soccer ball and shin guards. If they’re muddy or dirty, simply slip them into a plastic bag to keep everything clean.

If you don’t already have bags for each activity, now is a great time to start! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a simple reusable shopping bag can do the job and the handles easily slipped over a hanger and stored in the closet. Bonus: your kids will always have everything they need for each activity ready—no more scrambling to find things at the last minute.

Step 2: Consider Your Needs

Think about how your family gets ready to head out for the day: are you doing most of the gathering or are your kids mostly on their own? Would it make more sense for you to keep shoes sorted and stored by child, or to keep all the boots in one spot and all the everyday shoes in another? Would it be easier for all the shoes to be kept in the children’s rooms or near the door?

In many cases, a mixed solution will work best. For example, when winter weather hits you can be sure everyone in the home will want their heavy boots. You’ll also want to be sure boots find a waterproof landing place when they return home. Investing in a boot tray that is large enough for the whole family is a great way to keep the mess contained while also giving an organized look to the area.

Step 3: Storage Options

For the remaining shoes—whether you keep them near the door or in each child’s room—the number of commercial and DIY solutions is almost endless. To maximize space, an over-the-door hanging storage system keeps pairs together and off the floor. For closets, a simple set of cubbies will keep shoes organized while also providing a bit of added shelving. If you’re stuck for space, look for a long, flat storage box that can be slid under the bed or a hanging storage system that takes about as much closet space as a few shirts.

One last point: consider the material carefully when choosing shelving options for little shoes. Wire-rack type shelving can be lighter and more affordable, but the spaces between the wires can be large enough for little shoes to slip though and may end up causing more problems than they solve. Look for flat-bottomed shelves or solid cubbies to make sure everything stays in place.

Happy organizing!

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