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Top Four Tips for Buying Back-to-School Shoes

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Top Four Tips for Buying Back-to-School Shoes

Back to school season always comes with long lists of things to buy, from colored pencils and crayons to backpacks, lunchboxes, and clothes. New shoes for school are usually on the list, especially as kids feet tend to grow too quickly to keep wearing last year’s shoes for very long.

Even though your lists are long, don’t neglect to take the time to get the right shoe for your children. Every foot and every situation is different so resist the urge to just pick up a pair of shoes in a size you think is right in order to be done. Here are our top tips for making sure you get the best fit for your child.

1. Get a Professional Fitting

You might think simply buying the next size up is sufficient when choosing a new pair of shoes for your child, however, every child’s feet will grow at different rates. Plus, width and arch support play a key role in comfort. A professional fitting will ensure you’re getting the right size and style shoe with plenty of wiggle room for growing toes.

2. Check School and Sports Requirements

No matter how cute a pair of shoes looks, if it doesn’t meet the requirements of your child’s activities, you may be wasting your time and money. For example, some preschools require all shoes to use a hook-and-loop closure rather than ties unless your child can tie her shoes on her own. Some schools prefer that students wear sturdy, athletic-type shoes and would rather avoid sandals altogether. If your child is participating in athletics outside of school, specialized footwear may be required as well.

Make sure you have all the requirements first so you can tackle the list in one trip.

3. Bring Your Children Along

It can be tempting to leave the kids at home while you’re shopping—especially if you’ve had a fitting done and know which size to look for. However, it’s always best to have your kids try on a shoe before purchasing as sometimes there are variations in size from one manufacturer to another, and especially among different styles of shoes. Even if the shoe is “big enough” it may be too narrow and pinch feet, or too wide and not support the foot properly.

Bringing the kids along ensures you won’t be making multiple trips to the store to return shoes and try again.

4. Extra Considerations for Foot Health

Making sure you have one well-fitting, durable pair of shoes for each child is a priority. However, having at least two pairs per child is ideal as even the littlest feet will sweat and giving shoes a day to “air out” will help prevent smelly, uncomfortable situations.

It’s also important to get plenty of good socks so your kids can wear a clean, fresh pair every day. Consider having extra socks available to change into before sports and other activities as a fresh pair will help keep feet clean, dry, and comfortable.

Lastly, winter is right around the corner so spare yourself the rush when the first snow starts to fall. Pick up a pair of warm, waterproof boots and some heavy-duty socks to keep little feet dry and snuggly warm all winter long.


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