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Keep Kids Playing Safely All Winter Long

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Keep Kids Playing Safely All Winter Long
If the Weather Outside is Frightful…make sure that little feet are warm and cozy! Whether you need a sturdy boot for a sloppy walk to school and sledding hill fun, or something a little less rugged but still warm, we’ve got you covered.

1. It’s UGG Season!
Ugg BootsUgg Boots
Whether you choose rugged or soft and cozy, UGG Boots are always classic. They are water resistant so they’re winter-ready and stain-resistant so they’re kid-ready. From choosing the perfect gift for the littles in your life to finding just the right boot for your own kids this winter, add UGG Boots to all your holiday shopping lists.

 2. A Bit of Sparkle to Brighten the Season
Sparkle BootsSparkle Boots
If long, dreary winters get you down, brighten the season with a bit of glitter and glamour! This sparkly boot from J.J. Balleto is water-resistant so it’s ready for the outdoors and the tough, rubber sole will keep little feet steady on slippery sidewalks. These boots feature an easy side-zip closure and a cushioned insole so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

3. Rough and Rugged  
Rough and Rugged BootsRough and Rugged Boots
When you’re looking for a serious winter boot for little feet, Tundra is the only choice. The rubber toe shell will keep feet dry and steady and the fleece lining is soft and warm. These boots are also super simple for kids to do themselves—they open wide at the top to slip on with ease and the hook-and-loop closure is a cinch. 

4. Soft Motion for New Walkers
Soft Motion BootsSoft Motion Boots
Choosing the right boot for early walkers is a bit different than finding the right fit for an active big kid. Stride-Rite’s Soft Motion Constance boot has everything you need to steady those first steps outdoors: rounded soles for better balance, flexibility for natural movement, oversized openings for pudgy feet, and memory foam footbeds for maximum comfort.

Winter Safety Tips
A long winter indoors is not only unhealthy for kids, it can also drive parents bonkers! On the worst weather days, it might be best to keep everyone in. However, on milder days, these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics will keep your kids safe as they play outdoors in the winter.

1. Dress Properly.  Dressing warmly is a must, but remember that several thin layers will keep skin dry and warm. For babies and young children, add one more layer than you might choose for an adult as little bodies cannot keep themselves as warm. Warm boots, gloves, and a hat are a must—try to cover as much exposed skin as possible.

2. Reasonable Time Limits.  Some kids will have no problem letting you know when they are uncomfortable. Others, on the other hand, seem to be able to endure quite a bit if they’re distracted by winter fun. If kids are playing outside for extended periods, it’s important to call them in periodically for a check-in and warm-up. 

Check to make sure that clothing is still dry, and check for signs of hypothermia that include slurred speech and lethargic action. Also check for skin that’s very red or very white as these could be early signs of frostbite. 

3. Sled Smart.  For the most part, sledding is a simple winter activity for all ages to enjoy. It’s important to keep little kids separated from bigger ones and to supervise sledders at all times. Make sure that sleds do not have any sharp edges or cracks, and that sledding hills are free from trees and fences, not covered in ice, and not directed towards a street or parking lot.

4. Sun Safe.  Young skin needs to be protected in the winter, too! Sunburns can still occur during winter months, especially when sunlight is reflected up from the snow. Cover all exposed skin with a good sunscreen—especially faces that are not covered by hats and mittens. 

Stop in for a Fitting
Finding the right shoe and ensuring healthy feet begins with a professional shoe fitting. Little feet are constantly changing so what was right for your little ones’ feet in July may be completely wrong by December. The next time you stop in, be sure to ask for a free professional shoe fitting from any sales associate.

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