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Keep Kids Playing All Summer Long

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Keep Kids Playing All Summer Long
Take a look at the next generation of customizable shoes made just for kids who love to run, jump, splash, climb--all the things that kids like to keep busy with all summer long.

Go Plae encourages kids to get outside by engineering shoes that match the natural curves of little feet while still leaving room to grow. They are lightweight to keep feet cool and moving, plus the adjustable hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to get a perfect fit that even the littlest hands can do themselves.

Tsukihoshi shoes have been in development for more than 140 years. Modeled after the traditional Japanese sock-shoes called “Tabi Shoes,” they’re designed to help feet grip the ground underneath them as if they were barefoot. Today’s model doesn’t have the split-toe design of the original, but the idea is the same: fun, comfortable shoes that give kids the freedom to play.
Plus, these fun colors and designs are perfect for the kid who wants something a little different from the norm.

 Whether you’re headed to the park or packing for vacation, Saucony offers the best in athletic shoes for kids that go well beyond the gymnasium. Their exclusive React-2-U footbed technology offers superior cushioning for the hardest working feet. Plus, the anti-microbial helps to keep feet fresh all summer long.

Summer Playground Safety
Letting kids get outside and enjoy the summer break is a good way to keep kids healthy and teach a bit of independence while you’re at it. Keeping kids safe is always a priority, so we’ve collected a couple of tips from KidsHealth to help make sure your family has a safe and healthy summer.

1.  Adult Supervision. Before letting your kids loose on the playground, make sure it is designed with safety in mind--including plenty of vantage points for supervision. Some park equipment creates blind spots where kids can hide, and it can be frustrating for parents to circle the playground to keep a constant eye on their little ones.

2.  Age Appropriate Equipment. It can seem like it’s no big deal to let big kids to play on equipment designed for toddlers, but it can actually be dangerous. Smaller kids aren’t as rough and durable as bigger ones, and a bigger kid can knock over or otherwise hurt small, unsteady toddlers. 

3.  Proper Maintenance. It’s easy to assume that the local park district or school will maintain the playground appropriately, but there can be lapses in inspections and repairs. Before letting your kids start climbing, make a quick inspection for missing screws, splintering wood, rusting metal, and damaged fences.

4.  Splashpads. These smaller sprinkler parks are an easy way to cool off on hot days, but there’s usually no lifeguard or attendant on duty so it’s up to parents to make sure the area is safe. First, read all posted signs and warnings regarding age and safety recommendations. Second, make sure kids are wearing protective footwear with non-skid soles. Also, don’t forget plenty of sunscreen, and be sure to apply it at least 20 minutes before heading out. 

Stop in for a Fitting
Finding the right shoe and ensuring healthy feet begins with a professional shoe fitting. Little feet are constantly changing so what was right for your little ones’ feet in May may be completely wrong by July. The next time you stop in, be sure to ask for a free professional shoe fitting from any sales associate. 

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