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Guide to Buying Winter Boots for Kids

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Guide to Buying Winter Boots for Kids

Choosing the right winter boots for your kids is important. You want their little feet to stay warm and dry, but you also want a boot that will not be too difficult to get off and on—especially for school-aged kids who are expected to be able to do this themselves. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to look for a boot your kids will actually like. Before you head out boot shopping this winter, check out this guide to finding the right winter boots for kids.

Form Follows Function

In architecture, this means that the shape and structure of a building should be based on the intended function of the building. When it comes to your child’s winter boots, the same idea applies. That means making sure you see the difference between fashion boots and a boot that’s right for winter play. Of course, sparkles and sheepskin have their place; it just isn’t out on the snowy playground or sledding hill.

Five Features to Find

When you’re ready to find a serious pair of boots ready to stand up to the worst that Indiana winters have to offer, make sure you are looking for:

  1. Waterproofing. There’s a difference between water resistant and waterproof. The first will keep a lighter boot dry in a drizzle or light snowfall, but it’s no match for puddles, heavy snowfall, and trudging through unshoveled sidewalks. To be sure your child’s boot is completely waterproof, look for tight seams and an inner liner that won’t allow water to get in through the laces or other closures.
  2. Breathable. While you never want moisture to get in, you always want moisture to get out. Otherwise, damp, sweaty feet will be difficult to keep warm and your winter boots will begin to smell after only a few wears.
  3. Insulation. Little toes are the first area of the body to get cold, and the first to suffer from frostbite after extended exposure to colder temperatures. Even if you’re only looking for a winter boot for a quick walk to school, you still want to be sure to choose a boot that is well insulated for warmth.
  4. Non-Slip Sole. A clompy, heavy boot might not be the most attractive style indoors, but they are just what you’re looking for in a boot meant to keep kids moving without slipping and falling. Look for a boot with a solid, heavy sole that’s ready to do battle with icy conditions.
  5. Proper Height. Ankle boots might be adorable, but they’re virtually useless when it comes to keeping snow and water away from little feet. The minimum height for snow boots should be about halfway up the calf. That way, your kids can walk through fairly deep snow without any moisture slipping in through the top.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

If you’re not sure which boots are right for the outdoors, and which are better left for a fashion statement, don’t be afraid to stop in and ask. We carry a complete line of boots from shimmery styles from J.J. Balleto that are perfect for the school hallway to heavy-duty (but still cute!) winter boots from Tundra. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to keep those little feet happy all winter long.

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